Buddha in Lotus Flowers

Buddha in Lotus Flowers

RAW Artists Showcase June 2013

Photo Credits: Deed DeBruno

About Anna 

I am a self taught artist from Akron, Ohio.  Much of my work includes traditional media such as acrylic and watercolor.  Raw artistic talent runs in my family from my great grandfather who started the Kane Sign Company in the early 1900s to my mother who is an magician of an artist with a sewing machine.  Other influences in my life include my high school art teacher who taught me to be limitless in the creative process and of course the "Greats", more specifically, Klimt, Pollock and Close.  

I have always had an interest in travel and am continually inspired by nature and personal experiences along the way.  I have had the privilege of living in the midwest, the southwest, the west coast and currently the Hawaiian Islands.  All regions have influenced my art differently and have helped me grow as an artist, exploring new mediums and subjects.  Music, yoga, travel and people watching are some my favorite things to do when I am not painting.  

I love creating art that will out live me, inspire people and make others feel good. I feel it is important to support others artists and give back to the community in any way that I can.  I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and am always eager to learn about new artists and new techniques.  Most of my art inspiration comes from the poeople and settings around me.  My paintings stem from my deep connection with people and my emotions.  My diverse spectrum of work includes bright colors as well as heavy details.  I like to showcase my subject for it's simplicity yet detailed beauty that each possesses on it's own.

Art is therapy as well as expression.  It is my way to convey to others my thoughts and feelings about a subject and it's energy.  I want to share with the world my talent and give back the inspiration that I have been given.  

(You can also see some of Anna's art featured on the kids organic clothing line Green Grom Clothing and Design.  www.greengrom.com )


Some of the events that I have had the privilege to be a part of are:

RAW Las Vegas "Kaleidoscope" Showcase Featured Artist - June 2013

Top 5 Nominee Runner-Up for RAW Natural Born Visual Artist  Las Vegas RAWards - 2013

Art for Autism - Skateboard Project; City of the World Art Gallery Las Vegas - 2013

Art 4 NF Art Auction for the Hope Organization - 2013

The Chocolate & Art Show Los Angeles - 2013

Featured artist at the Joseph Watson Gallery in Las Vegas January 2014

Artwork appearance on the A&E television show Bad Ink 2014

RAW San Diego "Awakening" Showcase Featured Artist - February 2014

Winning Artist of the Flora Hawaii Juried Art Show on the Big Island of Hawaii - December 2014