Finding your escape

When feeling so consumed by every day life it's sometimes hard to find a balance.  The day in and day out of the same routine can make things tough at times.  I have struggled so much with finding my balance.  I tend to be extreme when I get focused on certain things.  We have to find a way to escape even if it is for a short time.  Of course we would all love to take a vacation to a beautiful tropical island once a month but to most that is just not realistic.  When you have had it with the world and the people around you, what is your escape?  Is it yoga? Golf?  Working out?  Swimming?  Going for a long drive while the music blares through the car speakers?  Maybe it's going to the movies or going for a walk.  Getting a mani-pedi is always nice.  Reading can be a great escape.  I'm a slow reader but I do love a good book.  Sometimes all you need is a change in your routine.  Take a new route to work or have a cup of coffee at a different cafe today.  Have lunch at the park.  Some people take a moment to say a prayer every day when they wake up or right before going to bed.  Not a religious person?  Take 5 minutes to say what you are grateful for that day.  Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite song.  It's only 4 minutes of your day.  You can sacrifice 4 minutes.  My favorite escape is through my art, but I don't always make enough time and that's something I need to work on.  I recently started going to a juice bar by my house every day when I wake up.  It's located on a man made lake here in Las Vegas.  Going there everyday is my new escape.  It's very rare that you find any body of water in the middle of the desert so when I discovered this little oasis around the corner it was like I found gold.  It really is the simple things. (smiles)  Now I look forward to going there to start my day and on top of that it's healthy, too!  Find your escape!!     

Virginia Kendell Park, Ohio   -Photograph by Coleen Sullivan