Everything You Need

Ever get frustrated when things don't go the way you want them to?  Why isn't anything going my way?  Why can't things happen faster?  Why did that person get the promotion and not me?  Why didn't the deal go through on our dream house?  These are questions that we have all asked ourselves. Even though we may not understand the reasons why things happen in our lives I believe that there is always something better that is suppose to happen instead. 2 years ago I was a part of an exciting new venture of starting a new business. Unfortunately, those trusty friends were not the best partners and I lost my entire investment.  Everything that I had worked for was gone.  I was devastated and couldn't understand what I had done to have this happen to me. After grieving and crying and trying pull myself out of a slight depression, I finally gained my strength to forge ahead and prove to myself, and everyone else who doubted, me that I could still come out on top.  I have now set new goals and even though I can't replace the money that was lost I gained so much from that experience.  I realized that the people I thought I could trust and were looking out for me like family were bad people.  My eyes were opened to so many new experiences with new friends and new opportunities around every corner. I was so blinded by this failing business that I forgot how to live my life.  Since I have been freed, as I like to say, I have gone on multiple trips to California, have seen my family more this year than any year before since I moved away and have been able to focus on my previously failing health which is now a million times better. I would say that losing the business and the friends that were attached to it has been a blessing in disguise.  So many new and exciting things are still to come that would not have been possible had I still been involved in a bad partnership.  If you are going through something similar and you feel like it will never get better there is always a reason why. You don't have to understand it you just have to get through it one day at a time and "everything you need will come to you at the perfect time."  Breathe.