Envision It

We set goals which make us very motivated and excited about life.  But life has a funny way of distracting us from accomplishing those goals, especially when we set a time frame to accomplish them in.  For example, you are saving to buy a home and want to have a size-able down payment when the time comes.  Suddenly you catch the flu.  You miss work for an entire week and if you have a commission or tipped based income this can be quite a set back.  You then start to lose focus of your goal and can't help but ask why...  "Why did I have to get sick at the worst time?"  "I was so close to making my goal now it will take me longer."  Even though we encounter road blocks along the way that doesn't mean we should forget the goals and aspirations we have set for ourselves.  This is what a vision board is for.  A vision board can help to remind you of what direction you want your life to go in.  On this vision board you can paste pictures of a home you wish to have, maybe the next car you want to drive or a dream vacation you would love to take.  Maybe you have financial goals you wish to reach.  Write down what that amount is on a piece of paper and paste it to your vision board.  Every time you look atyour vision board you are reminded of what it is that you are working so hard for.  You will be reminded as to what it is that drives you.  When you are having a bad day or are feeling discouraged look at your vision board.  There will be things and experiences on your board that will come to you so then you can add more of what you wish to focus your energy on next to your vision board.  Make sure you hang your vision board somewhere you will see it everyday.  Your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator or on the back of your homes door you walk in and out of the most.  If you share your living space with a roommate and want to keep your vision board more personal and private you can also create a vision scrapbook.  Create a collection of all the things you love that make you happy and paste them into a scrapbook or a journal.  This could also be a mobile vision board that you could take with you throughout the day to look through or even add to.  Don't let life or other people around you distract you from your aspirations in life.  Take charge and make those visions your reality.