Exit Through the Gift Shop

The film Exit Through the Gift Shop is a story of a French immigrant by the name of Theirry Guetta.  The story is told by an infamous street artist by the name of Banksy.  Thierry is obsessed with filming himself and every moment including his surroundings no matter where he is.  While visiting his cousin in France he discovers his cousins life as a street artist.  He finds a way to get close to this underground world and starts to film them as they leave their marks throughout the town.  His main objective is to get close to the infamous Banksy but after many attempts he is denied his meeting.  Finally, Banksy lets Theirry film a stunt at Disneyland in California.  After Thierry is caught filming the stunt and taken for questioning he proves his loyalty to Banksy by denying any involvement and safely stashing the tape in his sock.  Banksy then begins to trust him and lets him into his world. Theirry completes his documentary about street art titled Life Remote Control, featuring Banksy as well as other popular street artists.  The film is horrible and Banksy starts to doubt Theirry's claims of being a professional filmmaker.  As a way to keep Theirry occupied and to distract him, Banksy suggests that Theirry return to Los Angeles and create his own art. The thrill takes over Thierry and he begins to perform the street art himself calling himself Mr. Brainwash.  He follows in Banksy's steps and decides to have an art showing of his own.  Much to Banksy's surprise this Mr. Brainwash manages to pull off a successful show selling nearly $1 million dollars in art in just one week.  Completely baffled by what has just taken place Banksy and other street artists still doubt his crediblity as a true artist.  Thierry's response is that only time can tell and prove if he is a true street artist or not.  The film is entertaining and eye opening to the world of street art.  When we see graffiti we automatically think vandalism and crime but the motives behind some artists is to make a point or to get a message out to the world.  If you love and enjoy art this film is definitely a good watch.         

You can watch the film on Netflix.  DVDs are available in the US and the UK.  Also available on iTunes.