Keep Calm

According to my little red book titled Keep Calm and Carry On, (published by Andrews McMeel Plublishing), the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" was never to be released to the public.  In fact, it was one of three posters that were produced before World War 2.  It was to reassure the citizens of London not to panic.  The crown that sits atop the simple phrased posters is the seal of King George VI.  The Keep Calm and Carry On posters were never released but later discovered in an old box bought at auction by a British bookseller by the name of Stuart Manley.  He and his wife liked the poster so much that they framed it and hung it in their book store.  After many customer inquiries and comments they decided to duplicate the poster and from there the trend took off. 

We have all seen the oh so many varieties of the phrase and all of the different colors made to suit ones home decor.  Some of them are cheeky while others remind you of what really makes you happy.  Some are motivating while others more negative.  There are even posters that tell you to indulge in your vices, for example shopping or eating, even encouraging a cocktail to ease your nerves.    I have to admit that I have the original poster in red hanging in my dining room.  Every time I walk by, it seems to do it's job by reminding me to keep calm.  Stay focused.  Just carry on.  Sometimes we need those little reminders that we should slow down and just breathe.  Admit it, we are a society that is always on the go and that catchy little poster makes you stop and take a moment to think and to remind yourself things will all be okay.