About Anna Sullivan

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Anna Sullivan has always had a passion for art.  She specializes in acrylic paintings and black and white pencil drawings.  She has been commissioned to do murals and custom artwork for homes and businesses.  

After graduating high school, Anna attended Kent State University for graphic design.  She has continued to pursue her passion for art while living on the west coast as a working and traveling artist.  She loves creating art that will out live her, inspire people and make people feel good.  

Anna always struggled to find her place in this world.  Not knowing who she was at times or what direction to go in.  She has come to terms with enjoying the process of life being a work in progress.  This site not only showcases her artwork but also her thoughts and findings in hopes that she could help at least one person find themselves and their path. 

"I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know that I want to continue learning, loving, sharing and creating while I still can!"  -Anna Sullivan