Kent is one of the most popular alternative rock bands in Sweden.  Founded in 1990 the band has had much success in their homeland on Swedish radio.  They have released 9 albums and have won 20 Swedish Grammy Awards in addition to selling over 2 million records.  The first time I heard the song 747 was when I was a sophomore in high school.  I vividly remember sitting in my friends basement vegging out and listening to her playlist when this song came on.  I remember feeling like the song was taking me on a journey.  The ups and downs of the melody and the deep bass.  This is the type of music that moves me.  747  was just one of their songs from the album Isola that was released in both English and Swedish.   

Here is the Swedish version, too.  Which one sounds better to you? :)

like a whisper
Maybe tomorrow it won't be here
So tomorrow we could teach them some new styles
You're such a killer
So shoot me down again
It won't hurt when the killing's done by a friend

like a whisper
So this is all we need
The fully air conditioned sound of speed
A violent whisper
And this time it's for real
So this day I made plans for us to leave

Why won't you listen?
Maybe it's just me
But sometimes it's
Impossible to breath
A violent whisper
Maybe this time it won't heal
Maybe this time it will bleed till I am free