Jennifer Keith Quintet

With old Hollywood glamor and a classic rat pack feel, Jennifer Keith delivers a mesmerizing performance with her vocals backed by a big band sound.  She currently has a standing residency at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and can also be seen at many other venues around sin city.  She has been compared to the likes of Peggy Lee and Patsy Cline.  When I saw her sing for the first time I even heard a hint of Gwen Stefani in her voice.  Jennifer is a direct descendent of Hollywood's RKO pictures and is a well known pin up model.  Check out her gigs as well as her music at her website or on You Tube.   

I've got an island in the Pacific
And every thing about it is terrific
I've got the sun to tan me, palms to fan me, and
An occasional man

I love my island, it's very lazy
If I should ever leave it I'd be crazy
I've got papayas, peaches, sandy beaches, and
An occasional man

When I go swimming
I am always dressed in style
'Cause I go swimming
Wearing just a great big smile

My little island is made for pleasure
And in the cool of evening it's a treasure
And when the day grows later, what is greater than
An occasional man

If you're on shore leave
And your face is kinda cute,
Perhaps by your leave
I could be your passion fruit